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Hex has the interesting distinction of having been invented by two different distinguished mathematicians. Piet Hein was first, in 1942, and John Nash independently 're-invented' it in 1948 while at Princeton. Not just a game, but the progenitor of a new class of games - "connector games", Hex has several interesting properties. Games cannot be drawn, and though it has been shown that there is a winning strategy, no one knows what it is.

Three Hex Problems & Solutions
After the player has engaged in Hex for awhile, he may wish to tackle three problems devised by Hein.

Web site devoted to the game of Hex. Includes background information, articles on a variety of related topics, and a strategy guide featuring basic, intermediate and advanced levels of play.

Hex History, Classification and Complexity
Excerpts from Thomas Maarup's thesis on Hex.

Computational Complexity of Games and Puzzles
In computational complexity theory, Hex has been proven to be PSPACE-complete. A number of other abstract strategy games, such as checkers, chess and go, are EXPTIME-complete. This web page lists descriptions and status of some of the most popular one and two-player games.

Observations regarding Hex opening moves on a 13 x 13 board.

Other Games and Puzzles

Interactive word scramble game for one or more players.

Anagrams for Two Players
Scramble the word of your choice for your opponent to unscramble.

Concentration (JAVA):
   » Color Concentration - 35 cards
   » Super Color Concentration - 60 cards
   » Animal Concentration - 24 cards
   » Flower Concentration - 24 cards

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