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The Dinner Tree

The little blue Puskin repeated the words, when BING ! ... the tiny door flew open and there stood a nice dish of dinner, steaming hot. The little blue Puskin was astounded! He took his dish of dinner and he shut the tiny door.

Then the old brown Puskin told him that the tree was a secret and was only for him and he must be very careful not to lose the golden key.

Well, the little blue Puskin went three times every day to the tree and each time he got a wonderful meal of roots and nuts and all sorts of Puskin goodies. Soom the other little Puskins began to notice that he was getting very fat. He looked VERY well-fed and they wondered at that, because he didn't have any mother or father to cook for him, nor to love him, nor to tuck him up at night. What was he doing, they questioned, to make him look so well?