How To Send a Fax on Your Computer - Despite a DSL Internet Connection

Scenario: You've got a fax/modem in your computer, but you've got a DSL connection to the Internet and can't use it for faxing. Frustrating... But there are easy solutions.

Once upon a time, a "dial-up" Internet connection was the only option and dial-up connections, like fax technology, use "analog" signals to send and receive data. DSL and other, usually faster, Internet connections use "digital" signals and cannot send faxes, but there are ways around the problem without investing in a special fax machine, if you have a fax/modem in your computer. (Many computers come with a fax/modem already installed.)

In addition to the fax/modem in your computer, you'll need:
1. Standard land-line telephone jack
(connected to standard telephone service).
telephone jacks
2. Telephone line splitter.
3. Telephone line. telephone line
4. Fax/modem software (comes free with most Windows computers).

Called the "Fax Console" in Windows.
Usually can be found by opening your Control Panel
and then clicking on "Printers and Faxes", then "Fax".
fax modem software


  1. Temporarily unplug the telephone line that goes to your computer from the telephone jack.
  2. Insert the splitter into the telephone jack.
  3. Plug in your computer to one of the two openings in the splitter.
  4. Plug in one end of the new telephone line to the other opening in the splitter.
  5. Plug the other end of the new telephone line into the computer.
computer diagram

  1. You're now ready to send a fax from your computer.

To send a fax from your computer

typing a fax

If you just want to

type in a message...

Open your fax software and type in your message, then fax.

For example, if you're using the freebie Fax Console in Windows...

1. Open the Control Panel

2. Click on "Printers and Faxes"

3. Select "Fax"

4. When the Fax Console software opens, click "File"

5. Click "Send a Fax" in the dropdown menu

6. The Fax Wizard will open and guide you through the rest of the process.


faxing a file

If you want to

fax a computer file...

Most computer software that creates files offer a "Print" command
and this is what you'll use to fax your document.

1. Open the document you wish to send (fax) in Word, Excel, your text editor or whatever software you used to create or view the document.

2. Click "File"

3. Select "Print".

4. You should see the FAX driver (the word "Fax") in the choice of "printers" offered. Select "Fax".

5. Follow the instructions presented to you (to choose fax number, etc.)

6. At the end of the process, just click "Send Fax".

Alternatives - E-fax services online

For example, FaxZero offers to send a fax for a couple of bucks... or free, if you agree to allow them to attach a page containing an ad.

Free fax Machine Online
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