Java Application Blocked by Security Settings

For Windows users:
If you open a web page that contains a Java application (to run a game, etc.) and a message is displayed informing you that the Java is blocked (even if you've been to the website many times previously, you probably will have to change your Java security settings.

Steps to Fix the Problem

Java Application Blocked Error Message
1. For Windows 8:
Type "configure jave" (without the quotes) into the Search box; (the search box that you access by sliding your mouse from the top right of your screen).

For Windows 7:
Type "configure java" (without the quotes) into the Start box; (accessed by right clicking the Windows icon at the bottom left of your screen).

2. The Java Conrol Panel should open. Select the "Security" tab.

Java Control Panel Security Tab

3. Change your setting to "Medium" to access most Java applications.

Java Security Tab Interface

You can also add websites to the Java "white list" to make it somewhat easier to access those sites in the future.

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