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The Ant Software Project has been discontinued.

Microsoft made a number of changes which affect third party programs like the Ant. That is not new except that the changes were significant, begininning with Word 2000. Word 2000 no longer permitted the user to open an HTML file and view the HTML tags... unless the user employed the special Microsoft code viewer/editor. No standard toolbar tools were accessible - even Microsoft's tools.

Attempting to 'work-around' the difficulty by assigning a .txt or a special file extension didn't solve the problem. User's were/are permitted to view HTML tags only in the Microsoft viewer/editor or if the document is still in .DOC file format.

The Ant works and creates HTML documents in these versions of Word, but... if the user wants to reopen an HTML file once it's created, to revise it, the new versions of Word won't allow the user to see the HTML tags except in the Microsoft viewer/editor.

After any revision to the HTML document, Word installs it's own XML tags in all files.

Thanks to all those who have written and inquired about the subject.
The info above is just about all that can be told, in a nutshell.
If you need further information, please contact Microsoft.