Review: Problems with Evans Construction a/k/a Montgomery Remodeling, Montgomery, Texas


On 9/13/10, I contracted with Mr. Brian Evans, Evans Construction Services, a/k/a MontgomeryRemodeling, a/k/a Evans Handyman Services, a/k/a Trails End Real Estate Investments, to perform deck staining services.

Mr. Evans offered to pick up the deck staining supplies for me and I accepted his offer. As agreed, I gave Mr. Evans a check for $400.00 which was explicitly designated for "deck stain supplies". In exchange for Mr. Evans' deck staining services, I agreed to provide Web consultation services and revise his girlfriend's website, valued at the rate of $50./hr. (which I did - on a number of occasions, both via email and in person, on and after 9/13/10).

Although Mr. Evans power-washed the deck on 9/17/10 in preparation for the staining project, the deck staining did not occur as promised. On 11/09/10, I called Mr. Evans and told him that the condition of the deck had been deteriorating and that I would need to take some kind of action soon. He told me that he was still interested in the deck staining project but that he was busy and the project would have to be further delayed. He agreed to bring the supplies to my home the next Saturday (11/13/10).

However on Friday, 11/12/10, instead of delivering the supplies, Mr. Evans informed me of his unwillingness to perform any of the deck staining and, in addition, informed me of his intent to keep the funds specifically designated for the supplies, stating that he had "returned the supplies and spent the money."

On 11/13/10, Mr. Evans sent me an email letter / message excerpts and some details here) rewording, but clearly confirming the facts in the paragraph above. He has declined to respond to my 11/15/10 and 11/22/10 email letters and has also, to date, declined my offers (made both in my letter and, thereafter, through the Dispute Resolution Center of Montgomery County, Texas) to meet in a mediation.

Chart below depicts area pricing quotes for powerwashing my decking, including the value B.Evans assigned to his powerwashing work on 11/13/10:

Deck Powerwashing Prices, Montgomery, Texas, Brian Evans price included

Evans advertises that he "is a licensed contractor" and "holds a license from the State of California". However, the California Contractors State License Board, denies that claim and states that any contractor's license Brian Donald Evans ever had expired in 1989, over 22 years ago.
Brian Evans contractor's license expired in 1989, over 22 years ago