An Arcane Anomaly on Angie's List

How to Access the "Other" Database on Angie's List

According to one of Angie's List supervisors, there's a way to obtain information about any company (any company that Angie's List has retained info about), even those who have misbehaved on enough projects to get themselves removed from the main Angie's List Search database. The "other" database is searchable by company name.

It works in a unconventional way and it's located in a rather obscure, not-so-easy-to-find place on the Angie's List website.

Step 1.

After signing in, type the name of the company into the main Angie's List Search box (near the top of the page).

Step 2.

If the company name is not among the first few search results, ignore the list of search results entirely and scroll down to the small textbox at the bottom of the left column on the page. The name you typed into the first textbox should appear in the new search textbox.

Click the "Search for Provider Name" Search button.

Step 3.

Click the company name and view the results which may include many member reviews and other information as well as alerts, cautions, warnings installed by Angie's List personnel.

(The box indicating "O" Reviews can be misleading.)

Step 4.


You can then click the "Read all Reviews" link near the bottom of the page, if you'd like to continue.

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