This is a Batch File Fix...

The Only Really Extremely Annoying Thing About Firefox Browser

[i.e. when your Firefox toolbar tools and/or bookmark toolbar becomes, for no good reason, corrupted.]


Replaces a corrupt localstore.rdf file with YOUR back-up copy of localstore.rdf

The following assumes you have already created a back-up copy of your localstore.rdf file and you know where it is. And, that you know the path (location) of the corrupted localstore.rdf file that need replacing.
See the Nutshell Guide info on the Firefox toolbar and bookmark problem here, especially if you have not already made a good copy (with the toolbar tools set the way you want them) of localstore.rdf and/or if you do not already have the paths to both the old and new localstore.rdf files.

Example below: Filename: replace-my-localstore-rdf.bat

The batch file below overwrites your current (presumably corrupted) copy of localstore.rdf with the back-up copy of localstore.rdf (that you previously created and saved on your computer for times when Firefox browser does whackiness to your toolbar(s) and obliterates your custom tools and custom bookmarks.

When you run the batch file, you will probably (depending on your system) be asked this question...

Overwrite localstore.rdf ? (Yes/No/All)
before the file is overwritten.
Press Y on your keyboard to overwrite the file.
Press N on your keyboard to stop the process and abandon replacing the file.
@echo off
REM This overwrites the localstore.rdf file for Firefox. Close Firefox browser before running.
REM Enclose paths with quotes IF there are spaces in directory names.
REM You will be prompted: Overwrite localstore.rdf ? (Yes/No/All)

xcopy "C:\Documents and Settings\Substitute-your-personal-folder-name-here\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\Substitute-the-name-of-the-folder-your-backup-localstore.rdf-file-is-stored-in\localstore.rdf" "C:\Documents and Settings\Substitute-Your-Personal-Folder-Name-Here\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\Substitute-your-personal-folder-name-here\localstore.rdf"

  • The xcopy line of code above is ALL ONE LINE (with NO line breaks in it.
    (Your browser and your text editor may show the line of code "wrapped" to appear to be multiple lines but it's actually just ONE LINE of code.)
  • There is ONE SPACE between the location of your back-up copy and the location of the file to be replaced.
    So... the syntax is simply:
    xxopy "C:\Documents and Settings\backup-copy-path-blah-blah" "C:\Documents and Settings\corrupted-copy-path-blah-blah"
    In other words, the syntax is...

    xxopy "path-to-backup-file"one space"path-to-corruted-file"
The Nutshell Guide related to batch files in general is available here.

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